From the Ground Up

1. When beam spans are ___________, you may be able to use a single-ply beam.

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2. The joist spans required by building codes for an outdoor wood deck are _______ those required for common residential floor spans.

3. True or false: By code, all deck foundations must be a minimum of 12 inches below grade.

4. The bearing area of a foundation, which transfers the deck load to the ground, is a function of ___________________.

5. Before installing window trim, the windows must be _____________________. (Select all that apply.)

6. Which of the following is a suitable material for fasteners used to hold together a highly rot-resistant wood, such as black locust or teak, or a synthetic material with a long life span? (Select all that apply.)

7. Horizontal trim boards should be _____________ to shed water. (Select all that apply.)

8. Poly-ash composite trim stock experiences virtually no expansion and contraction with changes in temperature or outdoor relative humidity.

9. PVC trim expands and contracts across its ____________ with changes in ________________.

10. Wood trim expands and contracts across its ____________ with changes in ________________.

11. On a traditional home, the head of a window and door looks best when the trim _______________ the outside edge of the casing on each side.

12. “Lookouts” refer to ___________________.


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